Aside from making it easier to get dressed in the morning, purging your closet can be cathartic and soothing to the soul. Here are some of the most popular methods for deciding what to keep, and what to ditch or donate.

1. Make a Pile, a Great Big One.

This is going to seem counterproductive, but take everything out of your closet, every sock, every undershirt, everything. Once your closet is completely empty you can start filling it with the things you absolutely love, the things you need, the things you’ll actually wear on a regular basis, which brings us to tip two.

2. The ‘One Year’ Rule

That bridesmaid's dress that she swore you could wear to other events, that maroon velvet blazer you thought would go with everything but actually goes with literally nothing… This tip is simple, if you don’t wear it, get rid of it. If you are unsure about a garment, or can’t remember, an easy thing to do it hang all of your ‘maybe’ clothes up with the hangers facing the wrong way, once you wear it, turn it the right way. If a few months pass and you still haven't worn it, toss it!

3. Go Shopping In Your Own Closet.

When you are going through the massive pile of clothes on your floor, try to get excited about each piece. Would you want to buy it again if you saw it right now? Would you pass by without even a look? Is in completely out of style, never to be worn again? Can it be salvaged, or is it not even worthy of being sent to a thrift store?

4. Does It Even FIT?

The last thing you want is to be getting ready, get excited about a sweater that you haven’t worn in forever, try it on, and you can’t get your head through it because it is actually from when you were 15. Take some time and put on a personal fashion show, make sure all your clothes look good on you and make you feel comfortable, which brings us to tip number five...

5. Is This How I Want to Represent Myself/Does It Make Me Feel Confident?

Expanding on point four, if you don’t feel comfortable in your clothes your confidence is going to suffer. Clothes are an extension of your personality, when you put them on you should feel confident in who you are, and comfortable in them. Are your representative of who you are, or who you want to be? Do they make you feel really confident when you go out? Are you excited when you look in your closet, or depressed by what you see? If you are, make some room by getting rid of clothes that aren’t comfortable for you anymore!

You have now successfully purged your closet! You should feel lighter, ready to refill your wardrobe with more amazing clothes(or leaving it simple and minimalist)! But, if cleaning your closet has tuckered you out so much that you can't manage the rest of your house, check out our website and book your next deep clean!