Selecting a housekeeper is a big decision. Make sure to choose the right one. Check out these four tips:

1. Stay away from the big chains

It may be tempting to hire one of the bigger companies, they're nationwide, they have thousands of ‘maids’, but, when it comes to someone touching your things and being in your personal space, wouldn't you rather hire a local professional that is well paid, thoroughly vetted and highly experienced. 

any large chain housekeepers hire minimum wage employees off of Craigslist and send them two at a time to customer's homes with little to no training and often without having performed background checks. 

Look for a local company that hires experienced maids and pays them well.

2. Like any relationship, have open communication

Whenever you are hiring someone to come into your home, make sure that they are willing to listen. You housekeepers that are able to take criticism, and improve their service to meet your needs.

Look for a company that values customer service, is fast and responsive to your emails and calls, and makes it easy for your to voice your feedback. 

3. Make sure they are Operating in the 21st century

Your time is precious and, if you're like many millennials, you probably don't like needing to pick up the phone and talk to someone every time you need to book or change an appointment. 

Look for a cleaning company that uses smart online booking and has a well-designed, informative and user-friendly website.

4. See that they offer customizable service

You have a unique apartment, filled with nooks, crannies and lots of character. Make sure that you are able to dictate exactly what you want out of your cleaning service. Don't pay for a one-size-fits-all service. Look for a company that let's you add on additional services and give detailed instructions to.

That said, avoid housekeepers that insist on a "consultation" before giving you a price. This is usually a hard-sell tactic.

If you live in the Portland, Oregon area and you're looking for a housekeeper, give Jamison Square Housekeeping a try!